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Chill Out Program

Held every Tuesday evening at the Morgan Hill Community & Cultural Center in the heart of Downtown, Chill Out is what started it all. Led personally by LATI founder Dori Prado, Chill Out aims to teach the youth about valuable life skills, each week focusing on a new lesson. A great place to make new friends, Chill Out welcomes all young adults from age 12 to 21. Come be a part and come check out Chill Out any Tuesday, from 6pm to 7:30pm!

Youth Life Skills

Every week holds a new lesson for Chill Out attendees, each focusing on a new topic filled with valuable life skills. From self care to learning signs about whether the crowd you hang around is right for you, Chill Out never seems to have a dull moment.

Guest Speakers

At Chill Out, guest speakers regularly make appearances, each offering their own creative spin to lessons. Some visit for only a single session, while others come back consecutively in order to teach on a broader overarching subject.

Check In. Session. Check Out. Comida.

Every week, young adults attending Chill Out know to come hungry. A complimentary meal from local restaurants is provided every session! Sessions usually follow a well-known guideline: Check In (Introduce yourself and break the ice), Session (The main lesson of the week), Check Out (A wrap-up exit ticket), and finally, Comida.

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